Festival Amenities

Thursday Night Community Dinner

Free dinner is served to all those who attend Opening Ritual on Thursday night. Bring appropriate bowl, spoon and cup with you.

Nightly Bonfires

Bonfire, drumming, and dancing at the main fire every night after sunset. These fires burn as long as everyone’s endurance, and it is not unheard of for the dancing to go until dawn.

Bardic Circle

Located in the middle of Merchant’s Circle, the nightly Bardic Circle is an open space for singers, storytellers, and musicians to show their stuff in a mutually curated open forum.

The Lovely Lushes of Leather Lane

Traditionally located in the back corner of Coyote Run, Leather Lane has been “exiled” to Drum Styx while the old camp site recovers from bad weather and hard use. The Bacchic festivities of the Lane are not for the weak of heart or liver.

The Land

Read about the land and grounds at Gaea Retreat Center website: https://gaearetreat.org/


The Following Amenities are available during Heartland Pagan Festival:

Charging Stations: Charging stations have been set up at the Pavilion and Dining Hall. Please keep an eye on your electronics. HSA/Gaea are not responsible for devices left unattended.

Water and Ice: Running water is available at the top of the staircase on the Ridge, as well as from a spout on the exterior of the Dining Hall. Bags of ice are available at the south side of the Pavilion: 6 lbs at $3.00 each and 20 lbs at $5.00 each – Thursday to Sunday from 9am to Noon and 4pm to 6:30pm.

Toilets and Bathhouse: Port-O-Potties and hand washing stations are located throughout the camping and merchant areas. The shower house is unisex. There is a small, private, handicapped accessible changing and shower area. We ask you to clean up after yourself. No pets are allowed in the shower house. The shower house will be closed daily for more thorough cleaning from approximately 9am-10:30am. Please be patient and courteous to the crew.

Pets: All animals must be in an animal carrier or leashed at all times. If your animal is found roaming loose, you will be asked to remove the animal from the festival. Clean up after your pet, and dispose of waste in the trash cans. If your pet becomes a problem you may be asked to remove the animal from the festival. NO pets in the Dining Hall or Bathhouse.

Swimming: Gaea includes a 12 acre lake with a sand beach for swimming access. HSA does not provide lifeguards, so swimming is “at your own risk”, and NO ONE under the age of 14 may swim without the supervision of an adult. Please be extremely cautious around the lake area. There must also be an adult in all boats going out on the lake.

Camping Areas

Camping is allowed in all areas except Grover’s Glen, the Dam, the Parking Area on the south side of the Pavilion, or in any Ritual Areas.

Family Area: Coyote Run has been designated as a family area for the Festival. Please note that this area is still very near to Leather Lane, and that “family” does not equal “quiet”.

Adult Only Areas: While the Lushes of Leather Lane are certainly not new to Heartland Pagan Festival, please note that for the continued security of all participants, only individuals 21 and over will be permitted in Leather Lane and Drum Styx, as these areas have been reserved for adult activities.

 Clean and Sober Camping: Amethyst Camp has been designated as a clean & sober sanctuary. This area is restricted in use to only those individuals who will fully respect the need of participants to maintain sobriety in all things, and who will themselves remain sober. Ask at Registration or Security for the location of this camping area.

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