Children’s Activities

Heartland Pagan Festival is family friendly, and we feature family- and child-friendly activities throughout the festival.

Do not leave children unattended.
Children 12 and under are to be in the direct presence and supervision of their parent or guardian.

Gaea Youth

Gaea Youth features child-oriented workshops, activities, and rituals that take place during the day.

Gaea Youth asks that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Parents must bring children to each workshop
  • Children must be picked up by a parent or guardian
  • Gaea Youth is not a babysitting  service, and bad behavior will not be tolerated
  • Parents are required to stay with children under the age of 6
  • Parents are always welcome
  • Parents are responsible for their children between workshops and when children are away from the Gaea Youth tent
  • Any child who is removed for disruptive behavior may be excluded from the rest of the Gaea Youth activities

Junior Pirate Program

The Junior Pirate Program is a fun way for children to become involved in the policing of Matter Out of Place (MOOP) and help with maintaining a clean site at camp.

Trash Pirates and selected adults have coins which are gifted to a Junior Pirate as a token of appreciation.

There is a Doubloon Shoppe where Junior Pirates can spend these coins, as well as a Junior Pirate Party on Sunday afternoon. Please stop by the Doubloon Shoppe in the Merchants’ Circle to sign up.

Gaea Youth Schedule

The workshops for Gaea Youth are still being developed and schedules. Please check back later.