Community Service

Community Service at the Heartland Pagan Festival is a wonderful way to keep festival admission costs low and to help attendees understand the inner workings of an event as unique as this one! Each attendee is asked to do about 4 hours of service in a committee of their choice, or if they are available/skilled. The committees for service include:((( xyz comittees ))) and need all sorts of people to run them! This is also an excellent way to meet people and get to know the community itself. You select your committee at registration, and arriving at camp you’ll learn when to go to the Service booth by the Pavilion to start a shift! Thank you so much, we need you, and we could not do this festival without you.

Below is a list of the various committees that you can sign up for servicing as an attendee:
Vehicular Management: Helping here consists mainly of sitting at a traffic spot and letting folks on the radio know when it’s safe to send cars on the one lane roads, or provide support for those who are. This requires the most people as there are a number of positions.

Community Fires: Actual tending fire in the evenings is strictly trained Fire Hoard, however firewood gathering and transporting and (some!) building of the fire can often use strong, able-bodied folks.

First Aide: Needs trained medical personnel to stay at the booth and help with any ‘Ouch!’ moments of the festival

Front Gate/Security: The front gate has to be staffed 24 hours a day. There is a day shift and a night shift, essentially. This job is necessary to allow guests, law enforcement, and medical personnel in, and to keep any non-festival folks out. You are essentially a bouncer. The night shift is long, but can be split up.

Fundraising/Merchandising: The merchandise tent needs staff to sell wares and mind the store. This is good for those who need to sit down.

Gaea Teen: Essentially a camp-counselor position, guiding the teens through their tasks.

Gaea Youth: This is assisting with activities with young folks – prepping craft supplies and setting up/ cleaning up as well as actual kid wrangling. Great if you love kids!

Hospitality: Helpers in the kitchen to do dishes and mop the floors (Perk- usually gets fed by the kitchen!)

Sacred Experience: Need the HSA booth staffed, good sit down work, best done by those who are familiar with the rituals and Sacred Experience Committee. The SEC is happy to educate you in these matters. Also need help preparing the Vision Quest area, and provide support during it – those folks would need to be able to do walking/yard work.

Site & Sanitation: Staff are needed two hours each morning and afternoon to clean the shower house.

Speakers & Bands: Sunday night, after the last band, need a couple of folks to help take down speakers and cords. Able bodied for lifting is best.

Community Involvement: Those who have long experience with the festival who can give directions and answer questions.

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