Other Important Information


Community Service

Community Service offers a chance to meet more people and make the Festival even better by your involvement. All attendees from ages of 18-60 are asked to put in a total of 4 hours before, during, or after the festival. Without your help, the place just won’t run as well! You can pick where you’d like to help (examples: traffic, security, kitchen, etc.) when you check in at Registration. Please check in with the Committee head or designated person (photos available when you sign up) 15 minutes before your shift begins.

Parking and Vehicular Management

Attendees MUST park in the designated parking area for the DURATION of the festival. Parking staff will direct vehicles as they enter the site. There are no parking zones at the Lake, Grover’s Glen, the Dining Hall/Bathhouse, the Pavilion, and Merchant’s Circle: vehicles parked at these locations may be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Recreational Vehicles: RV Parking is permitted on designated spaces only. (Gravel near the pavilion and adjacent to Elysium road) RV space is first come, first serve. Please be aware that in wet conditions, it is preferred that any RV or heavy vehicle be left in place until the ground is dry.

Wet conditions: If we experience wet conditions, please do your best to leave your vehicle in place. If you must leave the parking area, and the field is muddy, please notify a member of the Parking Staff to assist you in exiting property without causing damage to the land.

Shuttle: There is one shuttle vehicle for those with mobility concerns. Shuttle can hold 7 people, with priority given to those with RED wristbands. Able-bodied riders will be asked to give up their seats to those with RED wristbands. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to ride. Please allow extra time to get somewhere when riding the shuttle. Due to lease terms, we are unable to allow pets inside the shuttle. We apologize for the inconvenience. Smoking is prohibited at all times in the shuttle!

Shuttle will run from 9:00am to start of concerts. Shuttle stops are located at the Pavilion, Phoenix Hall, Dining Hall, Coyote Run, and the road to First Field. If you need the Shuttle, check with any HSA Staff Member with a radio, any Shuttle Stop, or ask Safety and Security (south side of the Pavilion) to contact the Shuttle for you.

Accessibility Concerns

Heartland Pagan Festival makes reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Wheelchair accessible showers and restrooms are located within the bathhouse. There is also an interpreter available for people with hearing disabilities; please contact Security.

Trash and Recycling

Trash Pirates will be collecting aluminum, plastic, and glass during festival. For safety reasons, we collect glass separately. You may burn your cardboard or leave it for us. Barrels are placed throughout camp and labeled for your convenience. Please have all trash bagged and closed. Pirates sail the high seas of Camp Gaea daily so when you hear us coming be sure to bring out your trash & recycling to reduce the mounds of trash we’ll be wading through at the end of festival.  

We would also encourage all guests to pick up scattered MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). Though it is the Trash Pirates responsibility to pick up trash and recycling during festival, it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep Gaea clean. Special MOOP bags available at the Gaea Youth Tent, Jr. Pirate Doubloon Shoppe, or from Pirates while on runs. Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and “Leave No Trace”!

Community Fires and Firewood

Campfires are permitted only in designated, previously existing fire pits. Do NOT dig your own fire pit in any other location. You can use your own grill. You may not cut down any living trees or portions of living trees for firewood. Please supply your own firewood, as all firewood supplied by HSA is only for the use of HSA-operated fires.

Dance and Drum Etiquette

The dancers’ circle around the nightly community fire is for moving dancers only: please do not stand in the way or otherwise block moving dancers. There are benches around the perimeter of the dance circle for observers. Any children in the dancing circle must be closely supervised by an adult. The drummers’ area is located on the south side of the dance circle, and is reserved for drummers only. A lead drummer “on duty” will lead the heartbeat each night, so please be respectful while every-one shares their sacred heartbeat in this area.


If you are leaving the property prior to Monday and do not plan to return, please check out at Registration. If an emergency situation occurs, we do not want to have to search for people who are no longer on property. You should plan on having your area cleaned up, bagging and taking all trash to designated areas, and leaving by 5pm on Monday. If you plan on camping Monday evening, you will be subject to Camp Gaea fees.