Ritual Masks 2016

Sacred Experiences

Every year, Heartland Pagan Festival plays host to a multitude of rituals, large and small.  Below are those put on with the sanction and aid of the Sacred Experience Committee.

We do our very best to write our rituals with a broad audience in mind, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, while still impactful to the most experienced witches, magicians, and psychonauts.

Main Ritual Arc

Heartland features several large ritual experiences during the festival, usually in the evenings at the Main Fire Circle. These rituals typically revolve around the theme of the festival and tie together into an extended arc. Main rituals often feature an “inner” and “outer” circle to accommodate varying levels of audience participation, ranging from casual observers to those who wish to fully immerse in the experience. These rituals are designed to accommodate a wide audience while still delivering a powerful experience.

Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is an annual night hike where attendees are confronted by a series of guides and antagonists, who ask them pointed questions to help direct them along their spiritual path. Be prepared with good walking/hiking shoes and a flashlight (both are required). For safety reasons, only those 18 years of age or older will be allowed into the Vision Quest, and any visibly intoxicated people will be turned away.


Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is a physically and spiritually demanding ritual, employing intense heat and humidity for sacrifice and purification. It is a spiritual experience in a sacred space. The physical environment is maintained by the Water-Pourer, who also mediates between the participants and the spiritual forces that attend the ritual.

Rites of Passage

Rituals marking life transitions feature strongly in modern Neo-Pagan religious practices.  The Sacred Experience Committee is at the disposal of the community to help facilitate these rites of passage such as Wiccanings, coming-of-age rituals, initiations, or other rituals to honor a major life change.

Centering Dome

The festival environment can be overwhelming, even for seasoned attendees. The Centering Dome will be located in the Merchant’s Circle and offer a quiet place to sit and get one’s bearings. Various members of HSA and the community will be available throughout the day to facilitate grounding and centering.

Ritual Workshops

Other ritual activities may be available as workshops presented during the festival. Smaller and more intimate, they can be facilitated by members of the Sacred Experience Committee, by Honored Guest Speakers, or by experienced members of the community.

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