Honored Guest Speakers and Musical Performers

Guest Speakers

Heartland Pagan Festival is proud to host many figures from the Pagan community, including authors, speakers, leaders, academics, and others. These Honored Guest Speakers come to share their experiences in workshops and lectures during the festival, and can also be found at the Speakers & Bands booth in the Merchants’ Circle with their books, art, music, and other creations.

Previous Guest Speakers have included:

  • Grandmother Elspeth, honored elder, teacher, and storyteller
  • Chas Clifton, academic and writer
  • Joan Candalino, teacher of sustainable skills and crafts
  • Tess Whitehurst, author on magical living and magic with flowers
  • Shauna Aura Knight, author and ritualist
  • Judy and Nels Linde, collaborative ritualists and community organizers
  • Lupa, author on nature spirituality and hide and bone artist
  • T Thorn Coyle, pagan, mystic, musician, and activist

Musical Performers

Heartland Pagan Festival features a wide variety of musical acts and performances, from pagan-themed and folk to high energy rock. Also join us on Thursday night at the Pavilion for our yearly Talent Show, and every night at the Bardic Circle.

Previous Musical Performers have included:

  • S.J. Tucker
  • Tuatha Dea
  • Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard
  • Bran Cerddorion
  • Sede
  • The Rainmakers
  • Big Bad Gina
  • Abney Park
  • Murphey’s Midnight Rounders
  • Summer Osborne